Advanced Injectable and Filler Course

This 3 day course will review all the basics of common injectable fillers including teaching some of the most advanced techniques such as filling in tear troughs under the eyes.

Day 1 (9am -1 pm) -Review of the fillers available from injectable poly-L-lactic acid to hyloronic acids including common brand names in the USA , Asia and Europe. Characteristics of each one will be discussed , indications and contraindications.

Day 2 (9am -1 pm)- Patient selection, evaluation of patient as a "facial artist". Techniques taught and practiced on live patient under mentoring of faculty. Photography techniques.

Day 3 (9am -1 pm)- Complications and how to deal with them. Unusual and rare circumstances and what to do. Group discussion and photographic review.



scheduled dates for this course will be announced soon


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